Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Now that I actually have time on my hands this quarter, I think I'll try to be less sporadic when I'm updating this thing. I learned in my writing class that fluency is really important to writing. Maybe that's why writing essays was so easy for me during elementary and middle school. I would just write down whatever came to my mind on that subject, and barely edited the results. That cut it back then, but of course it won't cut it now. Still, I really enjoy this freewriting technique.

As this new quarter came about, I realized that I had not yet accomplished many of the goals I set out to accomplish last quarter. While I made many, many new friends, I didn't feel particularly close to anybody. Looking back, I relied too much on my old friends from high school for comfort. That's not to say that I should not turn to them, but I think that the comfort they provided made it hard for me to throw myself out there and get to know my floormates and classmates better. I think I've really taken great strides in this department, however. I've made an effort to hang out with my floormates more, and I'm starting to feel much more at home here in the hall. Not that I didn't before, but you get me.

I'm also trying my best to surround myself with like-minded people. That's partly why I decided to pledge DLP, because we all have a common ground. It's kind of like band, how one common element can bring a very diverse group of people together. Seriously, this group is pretty diverse. I'm really excited to be a part of this frat though. I really like what I've seen so far.

I want to get a job. I have so much free time during the day, I could totally take on 10 hours/week easily. I hope one pops up on ASUCLA soon. I don't want to go for anything that pays less than $9.25/hour though... stupid Luvalle never called me back. Oh well, that's life.

So far I've clocked in 22.5 hour into Tales of Symphonia. This game is epic. I love it.

Let's see... what else have I been up to? Not much aside from school, friends, and gaming. My schedule this quarter is much easier than last quarter. I'm so glad I'm done with chemistry forever! So far LS1 has been pretty chill. My TA is kind of a nazi because he wants 3-5 page lab reports, but we turn them in as groups of 3, so it's not too bad. His first quiz was kind of a bitch though. Only 5 points, but the questions were like "circle all that apply" and there was no partial credit, so one wrong answer loses the whole point for you. That's kind of stupid. Physics 10 is incredibly easy so far, just review of mechanics stuff. I'll actually have to read the book after next week though, when we leave mechanics and go into stuff that I haven't seen before in AP. Oh well, shouldn't be too hard. Our textbook was written for people who have never had physics so it's very simple.

I'm really enjoying my writing class. I learned today that there's only 3 first years in the class of 18, and the professor said that it was unusual since first years don't usually take the course. It's really fun though. I loved the literature we read so far, all about Cinderella. The literary analysis that goes with it is so deep, too. For instance, in my paper I talked about how in the Grimm Brothers' version of the fairy tale, the stepsisters cut off parts of their feet in order to fit into Cinderella's slipper and fool the prince. This represents the need to conform to social conventions, and how we hurt ourselves by trying to force ourselves to be something we're not. Pretty deep for a fairy tale, isn' it?

K I'm done. I'll update again soonish.